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Seminar Series 2017

15 June
Prof. Dr. Andrei Seryi (JAI, Oxford)
Evolution of scientific instruments - methodology of inventiveness in applications to accelerators and beyond

22 June
Dr Mark Hogan (SLAC)
Plasma Wakefield Acceleration at SLAC: what have we learned and what is ahead

Seminar Series 2016

28 April
Prof. Dr. Mats Lindross (ESS)
The ESS accelerator project

26th May
Prof. Bernhard Hidding (University of Strathclyde / The Cockcroft Institute / University of Hamburg)
Ultrahigh Brightness Facility Upgrades based on Plasma Photocathodes

9th June
Prof. Dr. Ken Long (Imperial College London)
Results from and Prospects for MICE

23rd June
Prof. Dr. Jie Gao (IHEP Beijing)
The CEPC project

Seminar Series 2015

21 May
Dr. Daniel Schulte, CERN
"Future Circular Collider (FCC)"

04 June
Dr. Lucas Schaper, DESY

18 June
Dr. Marc Ross, SLAC

02 July
Dr. Ferdinand Willeke, BNL

Seminar Series 2014:

07 May
Dr. Philip Bambade (LAL, Orsay)
Final Focus Tests at ATF (KEK)

21 May
Dr. Massimo Ferrario (LNF Frascati)
Plasma Wakefield Experiments in Frascati

04 June
Prof. Maury Tigner (Cornell University)
Ultimate capabilities of superconducting accelerating cavities

11 June
Dr. Jean-Luc Vay (LBNL)
Efficient Particle-In-Cell modeling of laser-driven plasma accelerators

18 June
Dr. Grigori Troubnikov (JINR Dubna)
Status of NICA

02 July
Dr. Frederick Bordry (CERN)
LHC Upgrade

Seminar Series 2013

Dr. Ferdinand Willeke
Status of the National Synchrotron Light Source II at BNL

Prof. Roger Barlow
Status of research on accelerator driven sub-critical reactor schemes

Dr. Mark A Palmer
Muon colliders

Prof. Kenneth Long
Status of the MICE project

Prof. Oliver Kester
Status of FAIR

Seminar Series 2012

Prof. Brian Foster (Uni HH/DESY)
Introduction: historical development of particle accelerators, basic principles, current status, future challenges

Dr. Paul Collier (CERN)
The Large Hadron Collider

Dr. Jens Osterhoff (DESY)
The Wave of the Future – Prospects for plasma-wave acceleration in particle physics

Prof. Eckhard Elsen (DESY)
The International Linear Collider (ILC)

Dr. Steinar Stapnes (CERN)
The Compact Linear Collider (CLIC)

Prof. Stephen Holmes (FNAL)
Challenges of the Intensity Frontier